Welcome to Chulilla

Chulilla is located in a natural setting of invaluable and priceless landscape. A combination of rock, water and forest landscapes make Chulilla a natural paradise. The views of nature that the town offers are a major tourist attraction, as its orographic profile is markedly mountainous, with many gullies and ravines, which makes this area one of the most intricate of the Iberian mountains.

Turia Canyon is the backbone of the municipality of Chulilla. With a length of 4 km and walls up to 160 m in height, he runs the Turia River northwest to southeast from the reservoir Loriguilla to the municipality of Chulilla. This is probably one of the most beautiful settings and at the same time unknown in the Valencia Community. Inside the canyon we find the Natural Park of the Calderones. Furthermore, along its walls are different caves, cave paintings and rock climbing routes.